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Johaira Cespedes

aka Jora D Xplora

Johaira Cespedes, known as Jora, considers herself an extraterrestrial, “extra” in her way of uniting with other humans and passionate about terrestrial sustainability and the restoration of the planet.👽

Based out of Orlando, Florida.

  • Event Design & Services, Event Planner, 2008

  • Dale Carnegie, High Impact Presentation Certificate, 2017

  • South Florida Women Grow, Co-Chair, 2016

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Photo Credit: Rhonda Gutierrez Photography

Johaira is passionate about humanity and the sustainability of planet Earth.🌎Immersed in green initiatives around the globe, she finds creative ways to get results, and can function under pressure when time is of the essence. She has been working as an independent business consultant since 2011. Her business experience and associations with other Florida cannaprenuers, combined with her entrepreneurial spirit, led her to become the founder of the Florida Cannabis Queen™️ Company.

Networking comes easy to Jora. Her natural curiosity of people and love of adventure has led to experiences that furnished opportunities to meet a wide range of professionals, researchers and experts that are all excited to finally see her have her own podcast, Cannabis Queen Radio™️. The intent is to have an informative, educational yet entertaining podcast for the residents in the State of Florida (and beyond). Although the resources will apply to the state, the educational aspects and entertainment is universal.

She has been freelancing in the cannabis industry offering business strategy & analytics as a marketing consultant / project manager in verticals like travel, manufacturing, retail, and real estate. If you are a small business owner looking to level up your marketing game or whether you are a long standing company looking to implement some of the new ideas into your business model, Jora and FL Cannabis Queen team are ready to help!